The causes of mold growth are very diverse, mostly just like the different types of fungal cultures. Musty smell, bad indoor climate, black spots on walls, ceilings and furnishings are clear signs of mold infestation. The most common cause of health complaints in the living space is microbial damage, which can trigger a whole range of diseases.

Microbial infestation in buildings occurs because of an underlying problem that can be either building-related, occupant-related, or damage-related. This infestation can occur with any building material where conditions are favorable for the growth of microorganisms. Increased moisture, in addition to being an actual food source, is particularly conducive to their spread. In addition, constructional faults, an unsuitable selection of building materials or faulty usage behavior can promote the spread.

Molds deserve special attention. To successfully remediate mold contamination, it is critical to identify the root cause. This forms the basis for sustainable remediation.

The first step is diagnosis – what kind of mould is it?

Step 1: Diagnosis and cause

The identification of the respective cause forms the decisive basis for the assessment of the hazard potential and the targeted successful control. For this purpose we use, among other things:

  • non-destructive moisture meters
  • long-term moisture meters
Step 2: Consideration of structural conditions

In order to determine causes beyond doubt, each analysis begins with the measurement of room temperature (thermometer), humidity (hygrometer) and surface temperature (pyrometer or infrared thermometer). Using the so-called 3K table, the values determined provide reliable information on whether and where the mold-critical temperature is undershot. In the case of poorly insulated building components (wall, etc.) where the temperature of the surface of this component is lower than the air temperature, the possibility of condensate forms due to the high temperature differences, the basis for fungal growth in connection with the natural dust load in the air.

Step 3: Remedial measures

After the mold infestation, remediation measures may become necessary. For this purpose, you will receive from us a detailed list of all measures resulting from the diagnostics. You coordinate these with us according to your wishes – we carry them out for you!

Depending on the assessment of the extent of the damage, appropriate measures will be taken to prevent further spread of the infestation and to ensure the safety of the occupants and the protection of non-contaminated areas. There are various measures that can be considered, such as:

  • Measures to reduce humidity in the affected area.
  • Cleaning visibly infested surfaces with an industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with a Class H HEPA filter and disinfection, if necessary.
  • Short-term covering of infested surfaces with a film masking to prevent the spread of spores.
  • Securing household contents and contents.
  • Use of air purification equipment with a Class H HEPA filter.
  • Securing the affected area against unauthorized access.

These measures serve to contain the damage and initiate further steps for remediation.

Mold can not only affect your health, but also reduce the value of your property. Protect not only your building, but also your health from mold. Molds may seem inconspicuous at first glance, but they should by no means be underestimated. They can cause a variety of ailments and diseases. Symptoms such as bronchitis, shortness of breath, fever, irritation of the eyes and increased susceptibility to infections are possible, as are allergies and other impairments to well-being.

In the initial stage, the microbial infestation is still invisible. After a certain time, if favorable conditions persist, the next stage begins with much faster growth. In fact, mold contamination is not seen until the time of external spread, well after the infestation.

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