A special challenge

A wide variety of different substances and materials can be found in buildings. Some of these pose particular challenges, such as asbestos, PAHs, PCBs and old mineral wool. These problematic cases come to light particularly in the event of fires or water damage, as more harmful pollutants are then released, requiring considerable effort to remove.

It is therefore imperative that all demolition and remediation work on products containing harmful substances be carried out exclusively by companies that have proven expertise and the necessary technical resources.

With VOGAITSIS – Die Gebäudeprofis, you can rely on both. Our site managers are specially trained and we use state-of-the-art technical equipment to ensure the highest level of health protection and smooth processes on site. This begins with the taking of samples and the implementation of safety measures.

In addition, we use innovative air purification and remediation techniques to provide comprehensive contaminant cleanup and ensure proper disposal. Trust our expertise and experience when it comes to the remediation of pollutants.

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