Water can seep in anywhere and cause severe damage if the water damage is not properly located and remediated. Simply allowing an extensive water damage to dry leads to problems such as warped floors, mold and debris. Drying will rarely be completely successful because water penetrates deep into the structure of the building.

When it comes to water damage, quick action is required:

Remedying water damage in 3 steps – This is how building professionals do it!

The identification of the respective type forms the decisive basis for the assessment of the hazard potential and the targeted successful abatement. For this purpose, the first step is a professional leak detection to localize the cause of the damage.

We offer professional locating in the following areas: Pipe bursting in water pipes | Underfloor heating systems | Rain pipes Detection and inspection of pipe systems | Water ingress through leaking roofs | Heating systems | Leak testing and leak detection for flat roofs

After locating the cause, we open the damaged area and perform the necessary repairs. If a burst pipe is the cause of the water damage, we also take care of the necessary plumbing work.

For the subsequent drying process, we use professional measuring and drying equipment, such as Gann hydrometers, microwave measuring systems, CM measuring devices as well as MulitMeasure hand-held measuring devices. These serve as a basis for an exact verification of the moisture distribution in the building material during the drying process to be carried out.

With high-performance residential condensation dryers, we ensure that your rooms dry out quickly and thoroughly. In addition, we advise you on other possible methods of construction drying.

If liquid has penetrated under the screed or into other insulation layers, it should be removed with special equipment. We analyze the extent of the water damage in order to keep the interventions as small as possible.

Once the drying process has been successfully completed, remedial measures usually follow in the form of painting, tiling, ceiling and flooring work.

Extra tip for builders:
New buildings can also benefit from construction drying. This means, for example, that you benefit more quickly from a load-bearing screed and from rooms that are ready for occupancy.

Building drying against moisture damage. Remove moisture from the masonry – even in new buildings.

Whether it’s a pipe leak, a leaking roof or groundwater – no matter what causes water damage, a professional should take care of it to prevent consequential damage.

The building professionals

The right partner at your side when it comes to eliminating water damage.

Good reasons for professional building drying: Damp walls cost you energy, nerves and, in the worst case, your health. So take initial warning signs such as musty smells or mold seriously and have a comprehensive damage analysis done early on.

When it comes to water damage, it’s crucial to have the right experts on your side. Our specialists offer a number of invaluable benefits to efficiently and professionally repair your water damage.

  • 1
    Expertise and experience: our experts are highly trained and have extensive know-how in dealing with water damage. We know the different types of water damage and exactly how to tackle it effectively.
  • 2
    State-of-the-art equipment: we are equipped with high-quality, specialized equipment that allows us to manage damage quickly and efficiently. From powerful dehumidifiers to advanced moisture meters, we have everything you need to address the damage promptly.
  • 3
    Mold prevention: Our priority is to prevent the formation of mold. With our professional drying technology and disinfection procedures, we can thoroughly remove moisture and optimally treat the affected area to minimize the risk of mold growth.
  • 4
    Holistic solutions: We offer comprehensive services that go beyond damage repair. From structural repairs to restoring the affected area, we take care of all aspects to ensure your home is back in top condition.
  • 5
    Smooth Insurance Processing: We understand how time-consuming and complex dealing with insurance companies can be. Our experienced team will help you document the damage, provide the necessary documentation, and communicate with your insurance company to make the process as smooth as possible.

Rely on our expertise and let us help you effectively manage water damage. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Water damage restoration from a professional!
We preserve housing quality and building fabric!

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