Leak detection

Water damage is usually associated with unpleasant consequences. It is even more unpleasant if the entire wall or floor has to be opened to repair the damage.
To avoid this, we offer non-destructive locating methods.

Water damage restoration

Water can seep in anywhere and cause serious damage if the water damage is not properly located and repaired. Simply allowing extensive water damage to dry leads to problems such as warped floors, mold and debris.

Living climate optimization

We perform a comprehensive analysis of your indoor air in residential and commercial spaces to determine potential exposures and sources of irritation. Countermeasures range from a ventilation plan to professional room drying.

Mold diagnosis & removal

To successfully remediate mold contamination, it is critical to identify the root cause.

This forms the basis for sustainable redevelopment.

Fire damage restoration

A fire event can have a devastating impact on your home or business. During such a challenging time, we are here to provide you with our expertise and years of experience to help you restore and rehabilitate your space.

Pollutant / branch debris cleanup

A wide variety of different substances and materials can be found in buildings. Some of these present special challenges, such as asbestos, PAHs, PCBs and old mineral wool.

Complete claims management

If you work in the construction and housing industry, you know that damage is inevitable and must be dealt with quickly and efficiently to satisfy your clientele and maintain the integrity of your properties.

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